Reflection is enlightening the history of internet consumption and e-shopping roots. Graphs reveal the consumption dynamics through well-known facts (public statistical records) and less known insights (coming from national researches). Part of the reflection explicates Bulgaria’s positioning on the European internet consumption and e-shopping landscape.

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Internet usage
Individual and household access to internet, penetration of usage across socio-demographic groups, PC and internet skills, user’ avg. age, time spent online throughout the years, dynamics of the place of usage, usage away from home and work, small screen users penetration across socio-demographic groups.
Internet behavior
Activities in internet in dynamics, activities by gender and age, social networks activity, concerns related to internet activities.
Online shopping
Global, Europe and Eastern Europe overview by main indicators (volume, ratio products-services, share of GDP, avg. spending), e-shopping penetration dynamics, and penetration by socio-demographic groups, profile of e-shoppers, products and services purchased past year, local vs. foreign sites as origin of purchase, problems related to e-shopping.


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