Happiness & satisfaction with life are the two key indicators of the report, although the analysis covers a variety of aspects in social life – from mental & physical health through safety and access to public services.

Inter alia, the report answers to a number of questions present in the society agenda, and supported with statistical records for the first time, such as:

What is N /share of households in Bulgaria with a member studying /working abroad, and his/her support to the household finances?

What is N/share of people having job in a different settlement, and how do they travel to /from it?

What makes the Bulgarians happy and satisfied with life?

What are the entrepreneurship attitudes across Bulgarians?


The report is formed as a result of two quantitative surveys: (a) representative for the population of the country, 15+, N=1500, and (b) representative for the population of Sofia, 15+, N=2500; both carried out by the end of 2013.

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Demographic trends
General information, Climate,  Population dynamics, Urban-rural population, Settlements, Large cities population dynamics, Age structure, Ageing of population, Educational structure, Knowledge of foreign languages, Population at working age, Household structure.
Social environment
Buildings, Green spaces, City environment, Safety, Access to public institutions, Internet usage, Education, Cultural domains, Cultural consumption, Governance & active citizenship, Satisfaction with environment in the place of living, Pride of the city.
Job & Income
Economically active population, Labor market, Salary, Work time, Paid vs. unpaid work, Type of unpaid work, Travel to work, Job security & satisfaction, Professional realization, Entrepreneurship, Household income, Income from abroad, Sufficiency of income, Structure of financial situation, Household expenditure, Consumption.
Feeling of happiness & satisfaction with life, Satisfaction with work & income, Balance between work & leisure, Family, Mother, Marriages & divorces, Satisfaction with family life, Buildings with living apartments, Type of apartments, House & property ownership, Household equipment, Physical & mental health, Satisfaction with social life.



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