An extended landscape of demographic trends, economy and culture. Significant part of the report is dedicated to income and work – n of working hours (paid & non-paid), second job, travel to working place, fear of job loss, satisfaction with the balance work-leisure, other.  Along with statistical data, a vast array of indicators through a fielded quantitative study shows how the citizens perceive, live and feel in their city.

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Population, Young population, Economy, Education, Culture, Symbols, Regions.
Territory, Settlements, Regions, Population dynamics & growth, Migration trends, Age structure & pyramid, Ethnic structure & religion.
Housing & households
Structure of houses & dwellings by type, Households, Families, Income.
Positioning in the national economy, Non-financial sector by key indicators, Structure of enterprises by size & sector, Economically active population, Annual salary dynamics, GDP.
Educational structure, Foreign languages knowledge, Internet use, Theatre, Cinema, Museums, Libraries & Books..
City environment
Buildings, Access to educational & cultural institutions, Satisfaction with city environment (buildings, parks, streets beauty), Complains about noise & pollution, Green spaces, Safety.
Quality of life
Satisfaction with quality of life & happiness, House, family, education & job, hours of paid and non-paid work
Sofia Regions
Density, Age structure, Ageing, Education, Household structure, Buildings age.


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