time to get personal

Real consumers are not data sets, charts, digits… but “flesh and blood” individuals, in their multiple contexts and identities. Context shapes how we perceive the world and Perception means Reality! Knowing consumers behind the data and in-context is crucial for the business to have the “personalized human approach”. People no longer seek for only product and services but also for an experience. To deliver experience one should have lived it. Meet the individuals with the noema qual & Ethnography.

Feeling and emotions determine purchase behavior. The choices we make are not driven by only analytical considerations and are rarely a result of rational judgment. These are deeply grounded in the subconscious level of the consumers’ mind. Going deeper and having the big picture, knowing “Why’s & How’s” is the key to be at a leading position and the best way to explore these is qualitative approach.

Main Business Questions

What is the market dynamics in terms of consumer expectations and motivation?
How to develop the path of our brand strategy?
Are there unmet needs to leverages for innovations?
How to refine our product and brand?
How to accelerate category or brand penetration?

Our Research Solutions

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  • Communication
  • Deep dive