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At any time, 168 hours per week, consumers interact with countless brands and their products and services. This communication goes beyond the outlines of the contact touch points predefined by companies. The brands not simply live their own lives, but today they are already under the control and the direction of the consumer.

People do not consciously register the various moments and places of contact with the brands – advertisements, service centers, product / service, recommendation… From the consumer standpoint, they are all part of one and the same experience that shapes the brands universe.

In today’s dynamic and increasingly digital world, people stopped passively just accepting the messages of different brands, but started actively to share their consumer impressions and experience, thus adopting brands not only in their everyday life but in their modus vivendi.

During the search of actionable business solutions for sustainable modeling and management of this customer-brand interaction, our team developed a series of research programs. Designed to entrust you the knowledge to achieve a consistent image and performance of your brand, and accomplish effective and strong relationship with consumers.

Main Business Questions

How many consumers do we have from aware to love?
How well do we approach consumers for higher engagement?
How is my brand performing relative to the competitors?
How to enhance my brand image and positioning?
What are the key drivers to build strong brand equity?
What potential categories should my brand stretch to?

Our Research Solutions