Boyan Grigorov

Managing Director
16 years in marketing research

He graduated Business administration at City University, Seattle, US. Since age of 18 he deals with marketing researches. In the beginning – as an interviewer, then – as a head of the interviewer teams, now - as a manager of processes and projects. With his visionary leadership, Boyan provokes the best of its team and creates progress.

“Remember this: Anticipation is the ultimate power. Losers react; leaders anticipate.”

Venera Nikolova

Senior Qualitative Researcher
12 years in marketing research

She has a Master's degree in Culturology which certainly led her way to the depth of qualitative data. Venera has great experience which allows her to reach far beyond the obvious, wherever you run in-depth interviews, focus groups or simply observation. Her expertise add insights which would support you in the decision-making and simply put all the puzzle pieces together.

"It's always the small pieces that make the big picture."

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Katrin Nikolova

Senior Quantitative Researcher
4 years in marketing research

She has graduated Sociology at Sofia University which automatically defines her way as a professional. Katrin knows how to organize the right resources and to ask the exact questions and with her on the lead data is not only facts and figures but revives for a new life. She has experience in all kind of surveys, like brand evaluation and tracking, U&A, product tests and so on.

“Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart."

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Yanina Doichinova

Junior Quantitative Researcher
2 years in marketing research

She is a sociologist, whose open mind allows her to unwrap the visible layers and to see beyond. Yanina also has interests in brand management which enables her to put herself in the client's shoes. She owns sharp deadline awareness and proactiveness that add value to your product.


"Set your heights more than what you see around you; see beyond."

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