NOEMA REPORTS is a source, offering access to unique and well-structured data on a number of topics.  Sources are own (non-client) data as well as official statistical records. Reports are designed for quick orientation in market segments, social agenda issues, and demographic trends.

Part of the topics have come upon the most frequent client’s requests, other part – as a result of noema researcher’s curiosity for diving into aspects of consumer mind, mood and behavior.

e-Commerce basics (2017)

Reflection is enlightening the history of internet consumption and e-shopping roots. Graphs reveal the consumption dynamics through well-known facts (public statistical records) and less known insights (coming from national researches). [...] read more

Sofia capital in facts & figures (2014)

An extended landscape of demographic trends, economy and culture. Significant part of the report is dedicated to income and work – n of working hours (paid & non-paid), second job, travel to working place, fear of job loss, satisfaction with the balance work-leisure, other. [...] read more

Bulgarian consumer compass (2009)

The reports presents a generic segmentation of the population 15+, based on national representative study (N=1500). [...] read more

Quality of life: the subjective well-being (2015)

Happiness & satisfaction with life are the two key indicators of the report, although the analysis covers a variety of aspects in social life – from mental & physical health through safety and access to public services. [...] read more

Key demo trends (2012)

Further to the just conducted census, the report is aiming to present the demographic tendencies over the years in a visual and comprehensive manner. [...] read more