Brand communication post-testing

… to review the effectivness of your communication

Why? Checking the actual results of your communication activities helps you identify the core aims every ad activity has: increasing awareness, reaching the maximum of target group, trasnmitting the intented message, understanding the emotional and rational benefits the campaing delivers. Results serves as the basis for recommendations to the Media Department experts for future communication strategies.

When? Post campaing testing might be executed in two periods: about a month after the campaing is over or 3 to 6 months after the end of the campaing. The first presents you the short term effect of your investment e.g. the immediate response of a target audience to specific communication tools. Such data are useful milestones in understanding ad’s short-term potential. The second presents you the ad contribution to your brand health.

How? online, CATI or F2F – depends of your target audience…but choosing the method is not the only task. Using the right models is what creates knowledge and understanding.